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Local News Arlington, Virginia United States - Mobile

Weather: Areas of fog after midnight. Partly cloudy with a low around 61. South wind 1 to 5 mph.
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View Featured linkGabriyella Lucy, Age Now: 16,
Missing: 10/09/2020. From: NORFOLK, VA. Contact: Norfolk Police Department (Virginia) 1-757-441-5610.
'Darkest part of the pandemic' is approaching says public health expert

As the coronavirus surges across much of the United States infection rates are particularly high in some less-populated Western and Midwestern states inclu...

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An essay on the importance of interracial friendships

In a year when racism has been front and center in Americans’ minds how can we break out of our own orbits to understand the life experiences of other peop...

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View Featured linkAmira Bashir, Age Now: 16,
Missing: 10/11/2020. From: ANNANDALE, VA. Contact: Fairfax County Police Department (Virginia) 1-703-691-2131.
In these rural parts of the country medical resources to battle COVID-19 are limited

COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are soaring in areas that have previously been relatively unaffected -- including rural less populated states in t...

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View Featured linkTabias Sharp, Age Now: 16,
Missing: 10/05/2020. From: HARRISONBURG, VA. Contact: Rockingham County Sheriff's Office (Virginia) 1-540-564-3800.
View Featured linkWith over 20 years of Information Technology experience, Software Change Management, and Endevor Administration. Call: 1-877-888-0170 or Email us: We can help with all of your mainframe computer "Endevor" needs. mc2...
PBS NewsHour West live episode Oct. 19 2020

Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour at Subscribe to our YouTube...

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