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Date/TimeIt is 12/4/2020 10:54:30 AM in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
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View Featured linkTyler McNichol, Age Now: 17,
Missing: 12/01/2020. From: DE WITT, AR. Contact: De Witt Police Department (Arkansas) 1-870-946-2122.
View Featured linkEmily Pendley, Age Now: 15,
Missing: 12/01/2020. From: PECULIAR, MO. Contact: Peculiar Police Department (Missouri) 1-816-779-5102.
View Featured linkElsa Bettles, Age Now: 16,
Missing: 11/30/2020. From: PRINEVILLE, OR. Contact: Prineville Police Department (Oregon) 1-541-447-4168.
View Featured linkAlyssa Yetter, Age Now: 17,
Missing: 11/30/2020. From: SMITHFIELD, RI. Contact: Smithfield Police Department (Rhode Island) 1-401-231-2500.
View Featured linkAmiyah Agosto, Age Now: 14,
Missing: 12/01/2020. From: GARLAND, TX. Contact: Garland Police Department (Texas) 1-972-485-4840.
View Featured linkEliazar Viera, Age Now: 14,
Missing: 11/30/2020. From: MCCONNELLSBURG, PA. Contact: Pennsylvania State Police (Pennsylvania) 1-717-264-5161.
View Featured linkKhloe Whitman, Age Now: 16,
Missing: 12/02/2020. From: PHILADELPHIA, PA. Contact: Philadelphia Police Department (Pennsylvania) 1-215-686-8477.
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